Well Equipped KitchenWhen you hire the Centre...

  1. Hire can only commence when we have your signed Hire Agreement and Payment.
  2. We expect you to pay as soon as you receive your invoice
  3. The maximum numbers of people allowed in the Centre are:
    • seated no more than 210
    • dances and discos no more than 175 to be admitted
  4. It is your responsibility that the sale of alcoholic drink is authorised by a licence issued by the appropriate licensing authority.
  5. When we send you your Hire Agreement it is accompanied by our Conditions of Hire (and schedule of Special Conditions for Public Entertainment where applicable).  Please read them, by signing the Hire Agreement you are agreeing that you understand out Conditions of Hire.
  6. Centre keys are stored in a keysafe at the Centre.  You will be given the keysafe code to get the keys but please return them to the keysafe when you leave.
  7. When you arrive at the Community Centre please familiarise yourselve with the fire exits and location of fire extinguishers and to make sure that all responsible people using the hall whilst they are hiring are aware of these.
  8. At the end of your hire please leave the Centre promptly checking that it is clean and tidy and as you would wish to find it.
    • Are the table and chairs stacked correctly?
    • Have you swept the floor?
    • Are the toilets and kitchen in a clean and orderly condition?
    • Have you taken your rubbish away with you?
    • We do make an extra charge for cleaning if we need to.