Village News April 2021


A very warm welcome to April's edition of the Village News. We are now a year on from the first lockdown in the UK - and what a year it has been. We have experienced many changes that we could never have foreseen. Lifestyles have changed, work practices adapted to suit, challenges faced head on, lessons learned, losses endured and so much more - all this whilst always striving to continue moving onwards and upwards. It is at this time of year as spring arrives and with Easter upon us that we look towards new beginnings and fresh hope for the future.

Along with this are the first tentative steps out of this latest lockdown and it seems that our younger generation are leading the way. As our school children and young people begin their long awaited return back to their schools, colleges and universities we wish them all the very best. They have adapted to this extraordinary time with a stoicism they should indeed be proud of. We would like to say this to them - "you have all been truly remarkable."

This issue brings you a "Step Back In Time" page featuring some delightful images of old Hagley - thank you Robert for submitting these to us. And continuing on with bygone days our interview this month is with Irene Oliver of the Hagley Historical and Field Society - conducted by Steve Colella. After reading this it's definitely worth heading over to their website to find out more about (as described by Steve) "the rich local history in Hagley"

The quote on the back sums up perfectly the beautiful spring farming image running across the covers. It also echoes the way our everyday lives have slowed down to accommodate a new way of living, but ultimately our goals will be met - it just may take a little longer than usual. Wishing you all the very best for a peaceful and happy Easter. Stay safe folks

Front cover photo courtesy of Aaron Ackling

Alison Akers
Editor Hagley Village News

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