The Village Notice Board


Despite the lockdown there are still reports of burglary and theft from cars.  If you see people that are acting suspiciously and in areas where they are not expected to be in please report to 101. Please use the Facebook page Hagley Neighbourhood Watch to act neighbourly.

If you haven’t seen or heard from a neighbour or friend for some time please make that call, but please keep your distance.   A quick chat will help raise moral and let people know that they’re being thought of despite not being out and about. No doubt once the world remobilises the criminals will be back out and about.  This proves that we need to be vigilant at all times even in the most extreme circumstances.

Please be safe, stay distant and avoid places when out walking the dog or taking exercise especially where there are large groups of people doing the same.

Joint neighbourhood watch co-ordinators Steve Colella and Roger Seabury