Village News August 2021


We’re well into summer and hopefully many of you have been able to get away for a break or at least will have time for a nice staycation.

We have filled this month’s issue with sunflowers. These gorgeous giants are abundant in the month of August. Known as happy flowers they always turn to the sun which is what inspired this well known quote “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do” (by Helen Keller).

On another light hearted note and in the spirit of the Euro 2021 we’re thinking that some of the fit and lovely dads of Hagley might fancy pulling on their own boots. The PTA of Hagley Primary NEEDS YOU! They’re raising funds via a 6 a side tournament - so if you’re up for it then check out this.

This month we bring to you an in depth report from Karen May of Worcestershire County Council. As always we have Steve Colella’s latest update from Hagley Parish Council with a reminder to take advantage of CB9 for Hagley to get out and about. See page 7for more details of days and times etc.

A mention for the lovely Village Ladies - they have a new illustration which will feature on their annual programmes. Its been created by Jessica (the granddaughter of Sue from the Village Ladies). We think it’s delightful - check it out on page 14. Well done Jessica!

We couldn’t sign off without a mention of our cheeky cover pic (thanks Ciaran). By no means are we encouraging fly tipping, but we just couldn’t resist featuring this adorable canine taking advantage of this accidental day bed for dogs. And there have been many others of the doggy community in Hagley who have come upon it to rest their weary legs - or just simply to have a good sniff. It’s what dogs do!

So we have the boot, we have the dog couch, what next? We’d love to hear your ideas - its the little things that bring our community together and make this village feel special.

A fond farewell for now - catch up next month. Until then, take care and do what the sunflowers do!

Front cover photo courtesy of Ciaran Kinsella

Alison Akers
Editor Hagley Village News

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