The Village Notice Board


This month's focus concentrates on the number of reports of dogs being stolen particularly puppies and young dogs. Whilst this is not necessarily happening in Hagley it is an increasing concern nationally and as such is worth asking that owners be vigilant and be conscious that this type of crime in on the rise.

Please keep your dogs on a lead as much as possible in public places and be vigilant and conscious of what might be happening around you. This could be suspicious loitering by individuals that are not known locally or just someone acting in a strange way.

A concerned Hagley resident has raised such an incident and has alerted dog owners to the potential threats. Reading reports of actual cases where dogs have been snatched is really distressing leaving the owners distraught with worry. By raising awareness will hopefully prevent as many of these cases happening as possible.

Call 101 and report suspicious behaviour with vehicle registration and vehicle details would be helpful too. If it turns out to be innocent then no harm done, better to be safe than very very sorry.