The Village Notice Board


This monthly update and the Facebook page tend to focus on crime and Anti-social behaviour but over the lockdown and summer the number of complaints of speeding, dangerous, careless driving and complaints about the many failings of the A456 and A491 being received has increased dramatically.

To this end representation has regularly been made to the Policing chiefs including the Police and Crime Commissioner. Had this been in normal times I would have called a public meeting, but as it’s not, an outdoor drop-in session has been agreed by the Policing team for later in September. This will be advertised widely, and I would hope that the opportunity will be taken to visit the police with your various complaints and concerns.

If regular similar meetings are required later in the year, please let me know, failing that I know the policing team are only too happy to engage with the public when they’re on patrol in Hagley.

I would like to reiterate that the Policing Team themselves are doing a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances and they have my personal support and thanks for everything that they do.

Steve Colella joint coordinator