The Village Notice Board


The trees are in blossom and, fingers crossed, summer is not very far away. Let's hope we get some dry and sunny weather, something we all deserve. However, if it turns out to be cold and wet, we will cope. Think back to all we have been through and a shower of rain or a cold day will pale into insignificance BUT warm and sunny would definitely be wonderful.

On the face of it, nothing too much has been happening at Village Ladies right now but behind the scenes Sue and the committee are working hard to sort out our meetings and booking speakers for September onwards, so steam is still rising from their computers. Until then we have Sue's newsletters to enjoy.

If any non-members are reading this and thinking they would like to celebrate the end of lockdown by joining Village Ladies, please do ring our leader, Sue Billington, 01562 885799, who will be delighted to chat and tell you all about us.

We can't wait to get back together so stay safe and well as we move steadily forward to freedom!!