The Village Notice Board


Hello Village Ladies, here we are in March already -- this year is threatening to whizz by as quickly as last year did but let’s hope that 2021 will be a lot more enjoyable. The good news is that many of us have had our first jabs but, as you know, there is still need for patience and caution. Because of this Sue and the committee have decided to cancel all meetings until at least September. The hope is that we can then re-open with two registration and social meetings and begin our speakers again from October. Fingers and toes crossed that this plan will happen.We should hopefully be getting some better weather now so we can get outside and enjoy our gardens. Or how about making yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and spending an hour in a comfy chair reading Sue’s Village Ladies Newsletter. Perfect!!

Spring is a lovely time of the year when shrubs and trees are beginning to sprout and bulbs are pushing their way through the soil giving us hope of better things to come. It can’t come soon enough!! Keep safe and virtual hugs to you all.